16 Nov

The Beginners Guide to Hydraulic Cylinder Uses By Industry 

If you’re new to the power of hydraulic cylinders, then read on. We’re going to look at how they are used. The magic of the hydraulic cylinder is its ability to produce unidirectional force from unidirectional stroke. This gives them the potential to be used in a number of industries, although construction is the premier one. Let’s explore how else the hydraulic cylinder is used as a valuable tool in industry:

When it comes the agriculture industry, harvesters, loaders and tractors with their attachments are all ideal applications for the hydraulic cylinder. It’s also possible to benefit from their use on wood splitters.

Civil engineering benefits greatly from the use of this component. The hydraulic cylinder makes it possible for the operation of bulldozers, excavators, trenchers and their attaching tools.

The power of hydraulic cylinders can be seen in the energy industry also. For example, the gate controls of hydroelectric stations can operate gates to allow water to flow or stop.

Those in mechanical engineering will often rely on hydraulic cylinders to operate feeding devices, automated production lines, transportation devices and plastic forming machines in addition to the production of ecological equipment.

Another area that benefits from the use of hydraulic cylinder is shipbuilding. They can be used in steering mechanisms, transportation equipment and also hoists in addition to several other applications.

Other industries that regularly use hydraulic power are as follows:

·         Construction

·         Automotive

·         Aeronautical

·         Food, production and manufacturing

Not just one type of the device is in operation as then it would not offer enough solution. Therefore, you can find a variety of types that handle the different roles required. For example, single-acting, double-acting, telescopic cylinders and plunger.

Although the cylinder can differ in looks, style and size, there are two components that you will always find: The barrel and the piston.

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